Lettering & Our Unique Process


Creating a memorial to a loved one at a time of feeling great loss can be a difficult process. Thompson Memorials helps you through this process with sensitivity, honesty and a genuine desire to achieve the best result for you and your family.We take the time to consult with you on the design of the monument including the content and layout of the  inscription, whether you wish to include artwork, emblems, motives or the placement of a ceramic portrait. The inscription layout is also determined by the size and style of font and if space is required for a further name to be added. We can inscribe languages from any ethnicity on to the memorials. We will sit with you, note down your ideas and thoughts, and offer considered advice, and through this process, combined with our experience, we generate a computerised drawing which provides you with a visual of the finished layout. Thompson Memorials use the latest in machinery and technology, coupled with time proven traditional workmanship, to create a long lasting tribute to your loved one.

Picture 1517-173-444
An example of our deeply etched lettering in both white and gold finish.
An example of the application of 23 carat goldleaf by our skilled tradesperson.
Lead 2-999
The use of old traditional skills for the art of creating lead on marble inscription.

Our Unique Process - Zinc Spray 
Metal Spray 5 - Used-689
Flame spray in use


Thompson Memorials has always had a huge commitment to providing high quality products and workmanship for monuments extending some 70 years. The process Thompson Memorials use for the finish on the engraved lettering is a primer coat of vapourised tin and zinc which is applied through a flame gun as a metal spray. This provides the only ideal base coat available to which the white or gold finish can be applied. Thompson Memorials are almost unique in providing this service to ensure greater longevity to the finished memorial. Without this priming process the paint applied directly to the granite will deteriorate quickly.

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