Installation and Erection of A Memorial

The erecting of a memorial headstone is a very detailed and specialist duty. Over 75 years experience is combined with the modern technology and techniques required in fitting a memorial or monument to the very high standards stipulated under Health and Safety and the New Zealand Standards NZS 4242:1995 and NZS 9201:1972.

The craftsmen responsible for the memorial erection are always mindful of the respect and reverence they need to have for the cemetery workplace. All Thompson Memorials monuments are erected by our own specialist memorial team. There are various approved methods of fixing memorials, the processes of which depend on the design and size of each memorial, and at Thompson Memorials, we have a comprehensive understanding of each different process. Thompson Memorials never compromise on any fitting component, and we ensure that you have the confidence and reassurance that the memorial erected will be a lasting and dignified tribute to your loved one.
An example of a table specifying dowel sizes for the installation of upright memorials:
NZS 42421995-136-4-832

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